Sustainability, what a beautiful subject that is. Many people are currently focusing on this theme, each in his / her own way. Besides my daily life, i want this to be an important focus in my business. In my business, sustainability is about a loving relationship with nature. This earth is giving us so many beautiful things, i think we have to respect those gifts and be sure that we make loving desitions from the heart.

Therefore my ArtPrints are not just a few prints. They are printed with love, sustainably at the Ecoprinter. This printer prints as sustainably as possible by, for example, using organic ink and recycled paper. Do you want to know more about this ECO printer? Click here for more information.

For me, sustainability goes hand in hand with feeling connected. Connected with yourself, connected with each other, connected with nature. The more connection I feel with myself, the more I feel connected with everything around me. That's great because it brings me in a state of being happy. I therefore think that the degree to which you feel happy is closely related to the degree to which you can feel connected in all aspects of your life. Following your heart is the key here. By following my heart I continue to learn in layers of my consciousness and I create exactly that what I really desire in all aspects of my life. This also applies within my company. I am not only talking about the 'business choices' but also about the creation of my artworks.

All designs are created from connection. I am inspired by what I see, feel, hear and receive, and then on the basis of my intuition to create. The result is a unique design in which image, text and geometry come together to form an energetic piece of art that can support people in the process of living from the heart and living their true potential. Creating the new earth! In many designs, I use sacred geometries that can support this processes in our deeper layers. It helps us connect, remember, transform and create from the heart. This allows us to live our potential even more and to create a new earth together.


 "Geometry can lead the soul to the truth" (Plato)


Yes, inspire people to create a world in wich we are following our heart. That is my mission 

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